Bachelorette in Asbury Park

Last summer, my younger sister and I planned our older sister’s Bachelorette party. We traveled to Asbury Park, NJ for a weekend, which is technically the Jersey Shore, but the boardwalk and surrounding area are nothing like the TV show.

Planning a Bachelorette party can be tough, but it’s also a lot of fun. We tried to create the perfect balance of good food, good drinks, good dancing, and good fun. Overall, I think we pulled it off.

Below you’ll see a summarized itinerary of our weekend.

Where to Stay

The Asbury

One of the most modern and unique hotels I’ve ever stayed in. The lobby invites you in with a huge LED announcement sign, an open game/lounge area where live music is occasionally played, and a wall of vinyl records. The pool deck has plenty of fun seating areas, a fire pit, a bar, and a food truck; and the Salvation rooftop bar has a sophisticated vibe with great views.

One of the best parts about The Asbury was our room. We stayed in the “Octo” room which allowed us to have a big sleepover. There were eight bunk beds (each with a large closet/locker), two vanities, two bathrooms, two showers, and a large den area with tables, chairs, and two cushioned benches. We had plenty of space to hang out in and get ready when we needed.

The Asbury is about a 5-minute walk from the main boardwalk, which was perfect.

Where to Eat


Just like the “Toast” locations on Long Island (but not affiliated), this homey breakfast joint serves delicious pancakes, French toast, omelettes, egg sandwiches, etc. They don’t take reservations, so expect to wait about 45 minutes during primetime, especially with a large group. Luckily, it’s located on a main strip with small stores and boutiques to explore while you wait.

Robinson Ale House

This oceanfront restaurant looks like the crown jewel of Asbury Park, literally. You have the option of sitting inside or out and it’s only a 3-minute walk from The Asbury Hotel. Tasty American cuisine and refreshing drinks. I highly recommend trying one of the flavored mules.

Stella Marina

An Italian restaurant that serves a casual crowd on the boardwalk and a fancier crowd in the dining area. Its delicious food ranges from fried calamari to spaghetti to chicken, to even pizza. Don’t forget to enjoy a champagne toast during dinner. Great spot to eat before hitting the bars at night.

What to Do

Explore the Boardwalk

Perfect for taking a stroll on a warm, sunny day. It has a lot of cute little shops and snack stands that overlook the beautiful beach. One end of the boardwalk is decorated with murals while the other end leads into a very small flea market-looking area with a few boutiques (this is actually the entrance way of the Convention Hall) that connects to an oceanfront bar (Beach Bar).


Awesome way to visit a few bars in the area, and it adds some exercise to the trip too! It’s a 90-minute tour that stops at three bars. Drinks and food are not included, but snacks are welcomed onboard. Our driver was super cool and totally into blasting our music while we pedaled down the street. We stopped at Porta, Langosta Lounge, and Anchor’s Bend. The tour would have been better if we had more time at each spot, so we didn’t feel rushed. Being with the tour didn’t give us priority service, unfortunately, but our driver was accommodating and allowed us to stay at our last stop (Anchor’s Bend) instead of dropping us back off at the hotel.

Where to Party

Johnny Mac House of Spirits

With every drink you buy, you get a free personal pizza (toppings included). This place is a no-brainer! Unique decorations cover the inside and outside and games like skee ball and ping pong add to the fun.


Chill pizza place by day, raging dance club by night. You read that right. This place goes through a total transformation; it’s totally unrecognizable on the inside. The place gets super packed and crazy with the DJ blasting and a lot of dancing. At one point it rained white napkins from the ceiling and at another, a masked bartender was shooting champagne at everyone (he got me good). Not recommended if you don’t like crowds, tight spaces, or champagne in your eyes.

Beach Bar

Two words: Rum Buckets!

The Beach Bar (related to Anchor’s Bend) is right on the sand and overlooks the water, just like a beach party. There’s room to chill and there’s room to dance under the lights, strung across the ceiling. Party music all night long. Overall, this was my favorite bar.

How to Decorate

No matter where or how you’re celebrating, it’s always fun to add in some decorations! Think accessories for the bride, matching shirts, shot glasses for everyone, and streamers to hang all over the room. Themes are also common; our shirts said “Last Fling Before the Ring.”

Of course, we didn’t experience everything Asbury Park has to offer, but we had a great time in the two days we were there and I’d definitely consider going back.